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Lumberjack Jesus: How to Develop Faith Despite Pitfalls, Roadblocks, Stupidity and Prejudice by Bruce Kirkpatrick

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Lumberjack Jesus: How to Develop Faith Despite Pitfalls, Roadblocks, Stupidity and Prejudice

by Bruce Kirkpatrick

Released on July 10, 2016 from Written Dreams
Category/Genre: Christian Men's Memoir/Devotional
Hardcover ISBN: 9780996252140 – $22.99
Paperback ISBN: 9780996252157 – $10.99
Ebook ISBN: 9780996252164 – $4.99
138 Pages

Insightful and uplifting, Lumberjack Jesus reminds us all that we need and deserve unconditional love.

In a series of essays written in memoir form expounding from his life, Bruce Kirkpatrick shows us as he discovers a loving God who is a good conversationalist, and often looks like a lumberjack. God comes alive in these pages in everyday life—in stories about Vietnam heroes, cowboy movies, wrestling matches and chemistry sets.

Bruce Kirkpatrick discovered that as he was consumed by anger, shame and guilt—quite literally dying on the inside—Jesus came to him. Looking like a lumberjack, in a red plaid shirt and a short-cropped beard, at first he was unrecognizable to Bruce. Even as he pushed Jesus far away and with such belligerence that reconciliation seemed impossible, Jesus was always there.
Bruce learned the love of Jesus is not just for caring Christians who never falter or fail at life. If Jesus can love and accept an uncaring, self-centered, lustful dope like Bruce, he can do the same for you. Nobody is beyond his reach or his hand.
In a unique and introspective style, these stories will help you see faith in almost every circumstance in your life.

“In a world of false pretense and presumptive personalities, Bruce Kirkpatrick's writing refreshes a soul through his honesty, humility and humor. An authentic, mesmerizing story of an honest man's journey.” —Doug Tegner, Pastor At Large, Redwood Chapel Community Church

“With the ease of a best friend, blessed with the delicate balance of calling you out and loving you all at the same time, Bruce Kirkpatrick invites you on a journey with a self-disclosing friend who wants to share his real world lessons…never scolding, never condemning yet always inviting you to discover a deeper and richer walk with Jesus.”

—Hal McLean, Author of The Enduring Organization

“Self-scrutiny takes courage since what we see first can be daunting: darker motives, such as greed, lust, envy and laziness that mire us in self-condemnation. But, as Bruce Kirkpatrick writes so bravely in his memoir Lumberjack Jesus, the Lord's guidance can deliver us from the pit of pain, lifting us up with the love that passes all understanding.”

—Nancy Anderson, Author of Work with Passion and Work with Passion in Midlife and Beyond

Bruce Kirkpatrick spent over 30 years in Silicon Valley as an executive and entrepreneur. Since his move to Southern California, he now divides his time between writing and serving on nonprofit boards of directors, including Christian Education Development Company and Extollo International. His nonprofit work includes helping to train Haitian men and women in employable skills, so that they can find jobs, feed their families and have hope for the future. His first novel, Hard Left, was published in 2007. He is currently working on his next book. To learn more, visit Bruce’s website at:

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