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PRE-ORDER: Easy Save by Charles M. DuPuy

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Easy Save

by Charles M. DuPuy

Kick-ass no-nonsense E.Z. Kelly uses her sharp mind and lethal body to combat the child sex traffickers who have kidnapped one of her clients, an innocent 14-year-old girl. E.Z. races against time as she moves through three different states in her search for the missing girl. A single mental slip brings her to the brink of death. How will she avoid disaster and rescue the young girl from a horrible future?


Hardcover: $23.99

Paperback: $15.99

Ebook: $8.99

Charles M. DuPuy has traveled the world, seen Africa as a Peace Corps Volunteer, been a salesman and a farmer and an EMT and a magazine editor and a writer. Then he trained and worked as a physician assistant, taking him from pediatrics to geriatrics and from Maine to the Maximum Security Unit of the Santa Fe State Penitentiary. Retired, he enjoys recreational lobster fishing in Maine, plus hunting, fishing, hiking and reading, and he loves writing. He draws on his life experiences to fill the suspenseful pages he writes, adding his own brand of humor to temper it. Charles shares a home in the Southwest with his wife, Janet, their two Westies, Jack and Nina, and their two cats, Abby and Ruby.

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