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Women of Today Anthology: Life, Love, Family Edited by Brittiany Koren

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Women of Today: Life, Love, Family

The Journeys and Stories of Six Strong Women

Edited by Brittiany Koren


Released on March 29, 2015
1500 Pages
ISBN: 9780996252126
Price: $4.99
Genre: Fiction: Women's Fiction/Romance

WOMEN OF TODAY is a collection of six women's fiction/romance full-length novels edited by Brittiany Koren. The novels include strong female characters who face diversity and must look within to find their own strength to overcome their challenges, and possibly find romance along the way.


Lindsey Foster longs to heal her emotionally distant relationship with her daughter, Greta, an accomplished landscape photographer in Door County, Wisconsin. But Lindsey’s priorities change quickly when Greta is diagnosed with cancer and the whole family is forced to examine old and complex issues. Nothing is certain, except that everything is bound to change, including the way Lindsey looks at love.

Before she began writing novels, Virginia McCullough was a ghostwriter for doctors, therapists, lawyers, professional speakers, and many others, and she produced over 100 nonfiction books for her clients. Her other award-winning novels include Amber Light, The Chapels on the Hill, and Island Healing. Asked about the themes of her fiction, she says her stories always come down to hope, healing, and plenty of second chances.


Two years after the death of her husband, professional quilter Marianna Spencer makes the brash decision to buy a quilt shop in the nearby small town of Wolf Creek. She and step-daughter, Rachel, and Rachel’s baby, Thomas, forge a new life in the tight-knit community. And there’s an attractive jeweler next door that tilts her world.

Gini Athey enjoys reading as much as quilting. Her favorite stories are about families and the way the past affects the present. She and her adventurous husband live in a rural area west of Green Bay, Wisconsin.


Recently divorced attorney, Kathryn Sheldon has sworn off men and chosen instead to leave Baltimore to follow a nearly forgotten dream of running a quaint bed and breakfast in Taos, NM. A chance encounter with a handsome half-Navajo, half-Caucasian truck driver, John Hawkins makes her doubt her decision about the opposite sex, but she’s a determined woman and it will take an equally determined man to change her mind.

Chicago-born, full-time mother turned author, Chiara Talluto, known as the “Master Storyteller” in her household, has a passion for writing about people who struggle with decisions and conflicts that arise in their life. Her desire and goal...Changing people’s hearts to better themselves, while leaving nothing unfinished.


Donna MacQuigg is a multi-published author born and raised in New Mexico. She spent much of her childhood camping in the beautiful mountains of the Santa Fe National Forest which adds a flavor or authenticity to her stories set in this beautiful state.


Love’s Perfect Surrender is about a troubled married couple with flawed expectations, and an imperfect, beautiful child with congenital limb deficiency who teaches them to surrender so they can mend their broken union.


Christie O’Kelly’s journey toward understanding the precious balance between truth and compassion is the heart of Lynda Fitzgerald’s novel, If Truth Be Told. Set in Melbourne Beach, Florida, If Truth Be Told begins with teenage Christie gaining a second mother in her uncle’s wife. She also gains a new cousin, and this new family is going to turn her world upside down. As the years pass, what she learns challenges her beliefs about life and those she loves, and requires the most difficult evaluation of truth, compassion and forgiveness that Christie has ever faced.


Lynda Fitzgerald, originally from the east coast of Florida, is a critically acclaimed multi-genre author, teacher and frequent speaker at writers’ conference and workshops. Her Florida roots often find their way into her books.



When dessert no longer interests her and cleaning closets wins over answering her phone, recent widow Katy Krueger knows she’s in trouble. But how does she handle her heart wanting and needing to be in two places

Born and raised in Wisconsin, Casey Clifford lives on the shore of Lake Michigan. She loves creating stories about everyday wise women who deal with life—whether that story contains suspense, significant family problems, or a personal challenge.

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