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Scorpion Wind by Joseph E. Mosca

Trooper John Stella is thrust into the hunt for illicit drugs. Reunited with his canine, Spec, he is partnered with senior trooper, Florey Baker. Together they go from simple traffic stops to being hunted by the very cartel whose drugs they seek to find and remove from the streets of Miami.


Prison Clown by Rick Lisnek

In the beginning of the book, Richard Keith warns, “If this could happen to me, it could happen to you.” As he explains, murky cases with questionable witnesses can lead to average citizens serving time as inmates when they’re neither hardened criminals nor pose a threat to society. Keith exposes the myths of minimum security Federal prisons in Prison Clown.


Written Dreams Publishing is a micro-press publisher of fiction and nonfiction books based out of Green Bay, Wisconsin. Founded in 2011, we work with new and established authors. Brittiany Koren, Founder of Written Dreams, helps writers fulfill their writing and publishing dreams.

Written Dreams Publishing is set to release many unique titles in 2020, including a book by multi-platinum recording artist Rick Roberts and Emmy-award winning anchor Paul Lisnek. However, we are currently not taking submissions for the 2020 or 2021 catalogs.

New Releases

Immune: Rise of the Inflicted by Seth Voorhees

In Seth Voorhees’ post-apocalyptic science fiction novel, Immune: Rise of the Inflicted, readers will be taken on an amazing ride in this dystopian thriller and see a new world develop after a deadly disease infects the population right before their eyes.

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Kaleidoscope: A Poetry Collection by Dallas Hembra

Kaleidoscope, unlike many poetry chapbooks, is not theme driven. It is a multifaceted look through the prism of life’s resplendent observation tower. It explores the mountainous terrains of love and heartache, giggles at the ridiculous, stokes our anger, and acknowledges our fears.

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