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Helen Olsen, with the help of Mother Nature, guides the path of reconstruction after an apocalypse takes hold of the world’s population.

Innisfree: Book 1 of the John Henry Chronicles

In this post-apocalyptic military fiction tale, John Henry, a divorced US Army veteran and father of three boys, sought a little bit of peace in a small cabin in Lake View Wisconsin.

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Why Choose Written Dreams Publishing?

Written Dreams Publishing is a small, independent press publisher of fiction and nonfiction books based out of Green Bay, Wisconsin. Founded in 2011, we work with new and established authors. Brittiany Koren, Founder of Written Dreams believes in the writer wholeheartedly and wants to help writers fulfill their writing and publishing dreams.

Written Dreams isn’t the typical publisher. We believe it’s important for writers to grow, not only getting better at their craft but to learn how important it is for the author to take an active voice in marketing their book. We teach authors how to write better stories, and how branding themselves and their books is meaningful in helping more readers discover them and their books.

Brittiany Koren’s true passion is editing. She’s edited thousands of novels, memoirs, and short stories, many of which have been nominated for and won awards. It’s her goal to help writers tell the best story that they can.

In 1997, Brittiany Koren walked into a book store and discovered a whole new world. An aspiring writer at the time, she wanted to learn how to get published. She found legendary anthologist and book packager Martin H. Greenberg, and later learned he was best friends with science fiction author Isaac Asimov and mystery author Ed Gorman. During Brittiany’s years at Tekno Books under Marty’s tutelage, 2500 books were published, many with New York Times bestselling authors and celebrities. Marty always said, “The writer is the underdog in this industry, and it’s our job to support them.”

Written Dreams Publishing is set to release 24 titles in 2019, including a book by multi-platinum recording artist Rick Roberts.

New Releases

How Steve Became Ralph

This memoir blends contemporaneous reports, lessons, reflections, and wry humor shown in the jokes Steve Buechler adds, and a positive outcome. It demonstrates the value of telling our stories in the face of a life-threatening illness. This title is a #1 New Release on Amazon.

The Legend of SqueezeboxSqueeze

Cheng Lee is the owner of a failing accordion shop where he works as an instrument repairman. When a small package arrives, it launches the shopkeeper on a crazy, magical journey.