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We are currently accepting submissions for 2023 and 2024 by new and experienced writers. Agented submissions are not required. In particular, we are seeking legal mysteries, cozy mysteries, small town police mysteries, psychological thrillers, strong women’s fiction, romance, historical romance, political thrillers, musician fiction, action/adventure science fiction, dystopian science fiction and fantasy, paranormal YA, contemporary YA,  military fiction, military science fiction, one author collections of poetry, music memoirs, or true story memoirs.

Please DO NOT submit space operas, Christian fiction, Christian romance, Christian memoirs, erotica, or short story collections.

We do not accept simultaneous submissions or submissions from non-U.S. residents. Thank you!

Please contact Written Dreams Publishing using the contact form below about how to submit your manuscript. Please list all of the following items in your email. Thank you!

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  • Mailing address
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  • Manuscript title
  • Summary
  • Genre
  • Word Count
  • Previous works published, if applicable

Are you a published or unpublished writer looking for a publisher for a specific fully-written manuscript?


    Please note: Written Dreams accepts submissions from US-based authors only. Thank you!


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