Flowers of Patience by Jenny Duhaylonsod Delos Santos

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Flowers of Patience

by Jenny Duhaylonsod Delos Santos


Flowers of Patience is an inspiring love story based on true events.

On a cool Hawaiian evening, the trade winds swirled along the edge of the forest green hillside of Mount Tantalus. A new virus hits Hawaii, and no one is safe. Candy, a young female doctor, becomes very ill and is admitted to the hospital she works at in Honolulu. With medical staff unsure of how to treat her symptoms but keeping her comfortable, her husband Stanford, also a doctor, is at a loss as to what to do to help her. Little is known about the virus as it quickly becomes a world-wide pandemic. Fully devoted to his wife, Stanford researches every possible cure to save his wife as her vitals become critical.


“Domestic violence is sometimes seen as one large social problem, but this book reminds us that every woman’s story is different, and seldom exists in isolation. Falling Perfectly Without Trying is the passionate recounting of resilience and recovery in the face of enormous challenges—the human spirit can survive even when the odds are against us.”—Virginia McCullough, Award-winning Author of Amber Light

“Jenny Delos Santos’ highly personal tale is at once heart-wrenching and inspiring. To learn that she endured such abuse and hardship was heart-rending, and I hope that by her sharing her story, it will help those enduring domestic abuse to find the help they need to end the cycle and emerge victorious, as she did. More importantly though, I hope her story is one that can inspire others to overcome.”—Erika Engle, Columnist and Reporter, Honolulu Star-Advertiser

“Jenny Delos Santos’ first book, Falling Perfectly Without Trying, can be compared to a great mystery novel. Based on her life story, it grabs you from the moment you read the first paragraph and takes you on an emotional roller coaster ride filled with many twists and turns, and ups and downs. She shares her hopes and dreams, as well as her challenges from domestic abuse, mental health issues, and cancer. When she falls down, she gets back up, dusts herself off and continues towards her dream of happiness for herself and her children. Thank you, Jenny Delos Santos, for having the strength and giving others hope as they face their own challenges and struggles. You are an inspiration and have shown us if we “Don’t Quit” that we can also survive. A must-read memoir I could not put down and kept turning the pages until I reached the end!”—Charles Mole Jr., Former District Director of District 49 Toastmasters and Police Dispatcher for the Honolulu Police Department


Jenny Duhaylonsod Delos Santos worked at the Honolulu Star-Advertiser for 15 years, is an active member in District 49 Toastmasters and belongs to Kamehameha Toastmasters Club. She’s also a member of Sisters in Crime-Hawaii. She's been a member of the Hawaii State Coalition Against Domestic Violence, which gave her an opportunity to speak at various events. For more information about Jenny or her books, visit her website: or find her on social media.

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