Pre-Order: Elementals: Magical Journeys by Lori Hines

Journey to Vulture City Ghost Town with a fairy, an elf, and a cloud dragon!
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Elementals: Magical Journeys

Lori Hines

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Journey to Vulture City Ghost Town with three playful elementals, a beautiful Native American fairy, an elf, and a puffy cloud dragon. The story features the Cookhouse/Dining Hall, Blacksmith Shop, Headframe, Henry Wickenburg's Cabin and Schoolhouse.

Category: Children's Fiction-Fantasy, for ages 5 to 12

Hardcover: $24.99

Paperback: $15.99

Ebook: $8.99

About the Author

Lori Hines is an author, psychic medium, and public speaker who offers intuitive readings and spiritual guidance. She travels throughout Arizona and the Southwest teaching workshops with the goal of helping others connect with their angels and spirit guides. Her novel, Visions of Time, is an International Book Award Finalist in the New Age category.

Originally titled The Adventures of Fathom and Fairy Fay

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