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The sequel to Parts Unknown
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Eye in the Sky

An Alaskan Mystery

Toni Niesen

Join Beri Quinn in this Alaskan fiction sequel to Parts Unknown as she solves the next mystery that comes her way.

Beri Quinn, Alaskan flight instructor, rescues her glider student from killers waiting for them to land after his lesson. The student runs from their emergency landing site to avoid speaking to authorities. He continues to hide, but often reappears in Beri’s life while continuing to avoid discovery.

Beri agrees to work for a shadowy government agency to obtain evidence of international meddling in Alaskan resources. When Ross, her fiancé and business partner, experiences a mid-air heart attack, Beri realizes they must make drastic changes in their future plans and establishes an aerial mapping company adjacent to their current business.

Following multiple threats on her life and family, Beri struggles to resolve the many issues she faces and tries to determine who is behind the attacks. This is a book for anyone interested in flying, Alaskan adventure, and intrigue.

Hardcover: $25.99

Trade Paperback: $15.99

Ebook: $8.99

Toni Niesen lived in Alaska for twenty-four years. She worked in public health in Anchorage, and lived the life of a pilot vicariously through the exploits of her husband and friends. She is the author of short stories, three of which were published in Desert Sleuth anthologies. She currently lives in Scottsdale, Arizona with her grandson and Boston Terrier, Sushi.

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