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Debut novel by new writer, Cassidy Mercer!
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Life is both a tragedy and a comedy.

Adopted. Obsessive-Compulsive. Socially Anxious.

Jupitar Thompson struggles with where she belongs in the social status of high school, but while she hates being labeled, she still makes the mistake of labeling her peers. All the popular kids are cruel bullies, right?

But Casper Cooper, one of the football players, suggests that they take the time to get to know each other, and Jupitar starts to realize that she is not the only one struggling with where they really belong. And he’s not the only person who isn’t who they appear to be. It can be overwhelming when your friend group grows from just your best friend and sister to “popular” kids and the boy with a haunted look in his eyes.

It’s not easy seeing the harsh truth under the beautiful mask. Will she finally get to be the person she wants to be or will she continue to let her past haunt her? As she tries to battle her trust issues and anxiety, her peers fight their own wars. Depression, parental abuse, bullying, grief, sexual identity. Nobody is safe here.

Cassidy Mercer is from a small town in Wisconsin and wishes she could migrate with the ducks. She has always loved the telling of different types of stories ranging from music, to movies and TV shows, to podcasts, and of course books, which led her to creating her own stories. When she’s not writing or existing in a world other than her own, she enjoys spending time with her five younger siblings and her friends, going for walks, taking photos, and laughing until her stomach aches. Mad Season is her debut novel.

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