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The Forest Primeval

Jack Henderson

Will Jarrett is in trouble. After living a carefree life on an isolated Wisconsin reservation, the Native American teen has her life upended when she is brought into the foster home of a Chicago-area lawyer. She struggles to find acceptance with her peers. Life at home is no easier. Then, if things couldn't get worse, as the sole surviving member of her tribe, she is pressured to sign over control of the reservation.

Just as she begins to fit in at school and display her athletic talent on the track, Will is abducted. The towering forest forms the backdrop for an explosive final confrontation with Will trying to prove that she can be a fierce defender of her ancestral land, but will she prevail?

Author Bio:

Jack Henderson grew up in the southwest corner of Chicago before moving to the nearby suburb of Burbank, Illinois. At age 14, he started running, and he participated in track and cross country throughout his high school and college years. After college, he supported his career as a folk singer and entertainer by tending bar, painting houses, making donuts, working in factories, and other assorted activities. At various times during those years as a singer, he lived in Austin, Texas, Boulder, Colorado, and Los Angeles, California. He returned to school in the 1980s, earning a master’s degree, then a Ph.D. in U.S. History from the University of Florida.

He finally got his first “real” job teaching and coaching at a private girls’ high school in Nashville, Tennessee. He began writing during summer vacations from that job. He lives with his wife and pursues his writing career in the idyllic town of River Falls, Wisconsin.

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