The Road to Our Now: Raising Children as a Single Parent

A young mother's journey through parenting as a single mother and devastating loss of her one-time love.
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The Road to Our Now

Raising Children as a Single Parent

Tricia S. Kelley Hunt

This story will tell the tale and adventures of a young mother's journey through relationships, parenting as a single mother of biracial daughters, and living with the devastating loss of her one-time love--the father of her children, and then to find her fairytale ending. It is a story Tricia wrote for her daughters. She wanted them to know her story, and how it became their story. It tells the tale of how she met their father, what her life was before him, and how their family came to be. They both know where they are now, and remember some of the hard times along the way. She wants them to know their father and the relationship they had together, and that no matter how her relationship ended with their father they were created in love. This story shares the humor, struggles, tragedy, hope and strength of a single mom and her daughters braving this big, crazy world together.

Category: Nonfiction Memoir

Author Bio:

Tricia S. Kelley Hunt has two daughters and a bonus daughter all in their early 20s. Married in 2022, she has worked at the District Attorney’s office in Maine since 2011. The Road to Our Now is Tricia’s first adventure into writing. Tricia, now married and living in Portland, Maine, after a handful of cross-country moves, has settled into her life of love, and looks forward to more adventures in the future.

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