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Kaleidoscope by Dallas Hembra

Subtitle: A Rich and Varied Treasure of Poetic Gemstones

“To say Dallas Hembra has a way with words, is an understatement. Kaleidoscope is well-rounded and colorfully varied. It is thought provoking, raw, and passionate, awakening the senses to things we may have taken for granted. A joy to read.” —Renee Salvatori, Author of Open Your Heart to the True You


Random meanderings intended to touch the heart, tickle the funny bone, and awaken the imagination. And in some cases, give pain a voice.

Kaleidoscope, unlike many poetry chapbooks, is not theme driven. It is a multifaceted look through the prism of life’s resplendent observation tower. It explores the mountainous terrains of love and heartache, giggles at the ridiculous, stokes our anger, and acknowledges our fears. Kaleidoscope randomly selects pieces of our puzzles and arranges them in a panoramic view that shapes our shared experiences.

Author Bio

Kaleidoscope is Dallas’s second book. Her first book was a personal memoir/poetry offering entitled Shaking the Family Tree. Published under Dallas H., it revealed her personal struggle with alcoholism, the genetic predisposition, and the ensuing family dynamics.

Dallas lives in the Northern Panhandle of West Virginia. Her poetry has been published in two anthologies, Psycho Poetica, and she is a regular contributor to the online weekly literary journal Page & Spine. Dallas invites you to find her on Facebook @AuthorDallasH, Twitter @DallasH01, or at her recovery blog at authordallash.com.

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