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PRE-ORDER: Ella Endures: A Daughters of Evolution Novel by Flo Parfitt

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Ella Endures: Book 2 of the Daughters of Evolution series

by Flo Parfitt


Sara Dewberry’s oldest daughter, Ella, married Dr. John Ellington in the roaring 20s. Prohibition was a joke and gangsters were rampant. Then, the Great Depression hit. The Ellingtons recovered, but not without scars. Orphanages and poorhouses were stretched to their limits and having a good heart, Ella’s family grew to ten. She had children born of her blood and even more who found their way into her heart.

World War II left its devastation. Ella’s brother was missing in action. Two of her sons enlisted and were at risk. She faced not only the dangers of war but the deadly diseases of tuberculosis and polio, which struck her family hard.

In this story, dear reader, you’ll learn the struggles of a woman who faced adversity as a mother and fought for her family’s survival. The strength and perseverance that made women what they are today is brought to light in an emotional and heart-wrenching tale in Ella Endures.

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