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PRE-ORDER: Prison Clown by Richard Keith

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Prison Clown

by Richard Keith

Based on a true story.

Has anyone forced you to plea? Are you pleaing freely under your own free will? Are you certain you want to waive your right to trial? Do you understand you have the right to a fair and speedy trial?

What’s going in today's judicial system is horrible, and Richard Keith describes in detail the situation he experienced. The government will not let an inmate at the halfway house have a cell phone, but they want them to find a job or they'll go back to prison. So, ask yourself, how do you find a job without a phone? How do you find a job when you must tell the employer you're a criminal? How do you repay the restitution to the government when your hands are tied behind your back? How do you approach financing anything when you are labeled a criminal? How do you feed your family when the government stops any kind of income you're making from adding up in a savings account for the rest of your life? These questions and more will be answered in Prison Clown.

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