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Say the Word by Charles M. DuPuy

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Say the Word by Charles M. DuPuy


In Charles M. DuPuy's second mystery novel, readers will visit the shores of Maine and discover the ins and outs of a physician assistant's experiences at a substance abuse treatment facility.

Say the Word is a compelling insight into the world of substance abuse treatment facilities. The authenticity of the characters showcases the intricate complexities of the relationship between sexual trauma and drug and alcohol abuse. A great read for anyone impacted by chemical dependence!”

—Caitlin Segriff, Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist

Physician assistant Jim Booker asks a Mafia don to help, but does it end up making matters worse for him, especially when a police detective shows up asking questions?

When physician assistant Jim Booker “saves” the life of a Mafia don’s son, the young man’s father makes him a solemn promise. Jim remembers it when he runs into an intolerable situation at Serenity, a substance abuse treatment facility in Maine.

The resulting consequences of the don’s actions threaten to land Jim in prison for the rest of his life. He struggles to come up with something, anything that will clear his name. He is helped along the way by Brianna, a counselor who works with Jim at Serenity. They join forces to try and get the tenacious state police detective off their backs, but they’ll face numerous obstacles along the way as Jim tries to prove his innocence.


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Charles M. DuPuy was born in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, but grew up on a dairy farm fifty miles east of there. It was a wonderful bucolic life full of experiences great and small. In school, he loved writing stories to entertain his friends, and hung on to the memories through young adulthood. When he was twenty-one, his wealthy aunt planned a trip around the world with her son and daughter, and invited Charles to join them. He accepted with glee. That introduction to the world fueled a desire to travel that he still enjoys.

He’s seen Africa as a Peace Corps Volunteer, drove with a buddy to Alaska on the Alcan Highway one summer, and has been to or through nearly all of the fifty states, including Hawaii. He’s no stranger to Mexico and Canada as well.

Charles got serious about writing when he penned articles for an outdoors magazine, and the commitment grew when the editor took the position of managing editor at Fly Fishing magazine and offered him the editorship of the outdoors magazine.

With his depth of experience, it was natural that he began writing longer prose. Short stories came first, and finally a novel idea was born. Say the Word is his first serious full-length novel, and it’s only a start. His EZ Kelly series has seen Easy Kill published, and the second in the series, Easy Save due out in late 2019. His third EZ Kelly novel, Easy Does It, is growing daily on his computer! He invites you, the reader, to follow his progress on his website, or find him on social media.

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