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The Visitor by Barbara Raffin

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The Visitor: A Supernatural Romance

by Barbara Raffin

Hardcover ISBN: 978-0-9991870-7-4 $23.99 6 x 9 size

6 x 9 Paperback ISBN: 978-0-9991870-8-1 $15.99 6 x 9 size

Ebook $4.99

Category: Supernatural romance

Can Rebecca Tierney discover love again?

Rebecca Tierney, now a widow, returns to the family home situated on Michigan’s Upper Peninsula bluffs nine months after her husband’s death to release his ashes on the largest, coldest, and most unforgiving of the Great Lakes—Lake Superior, one that never gives up its dead. Unable to handle the grief of missing her husband and the romance they shared, Rebecca becomes a recluse.

She soon finds out that there’s more memories in the old Victorian house than just of a love ended too soon. A Visitor from afar has appeared and searches the house for the key that will stop his alien race from dying on his home planet. Rebecca can either help the clone reach his goal of finding a shipwreck, or let him die. When a young girl goes missing, hard choices must be made.

Someone from the clone’s past resurfaces, and only the long-forgotten secrets of the old house can free Rebecca from her grief and teach a man of logic that love is worth more than eternal life. Will she open her mind, and he, his heart, to the unlimited possibilities?

Award-winning author Barbara Raffin lives in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. When Barbara’s not writing, reading, or daydreaming, she hangs out with her Keeshonden dogs, Katie and Slippers. See what a Keeshond looks like and learn about Barbara’s other books at

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