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Under the Dirt Sky by Callie J. Trautmiller

During the Dust Bowl, two teens must survive extreme circumstances.
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Product Details

Under the Dirt Sky

by Callie Trautmiller

Award-winning Author

A Young Adult Historical Novel

From Chicago’s city streets to the Wichita dirt fields during the Dust Bowl, two teens must survive extreme circumstances in Callie J. Trautmiller’s newest young adult novel.

In the Roaring 20s, Percy James’s motive is simple: sell enough newspapers to buy a new moto bike. A chance encounter with mobster Al Capone invites him into a world of fast money and prohibition. Soon, Percy realizes he’s in the thick of Chicago’s crime ring where everything has a price.

After moving to Kansas on the promise of land and a bounty of wheat, Carrie Lexington and her family struggle to keep their farm during the rise of the Dust Bowl. Pride might be the biggest obstacle.

When their worlds collide, Percy and Carrie never expect to find love in the dirt fields. They must let go of long-held family expectations to be together, but first, they must survive…

Author Bio:

Callie J. Trautmiller resides in Wisconsin with her husband, their three teenagers and their dog, Penny. She has also written Becoming American, which went on to become a finalist in the Indie Book Awards, the Eric Hoffer Awards and was the runner-up for the Wisconsin Writers Award. Under the Dirt Sky is her second novel. You can find Callie on social media at: Facebook: CallieJTrautmiller, Instagram: CallieTrautmiller, or more info at her website:

Category: Young Adult Historical

ISBNs: Hardcover 978-1-951375-82-9

Paperback 978-1-951375-83-6

Ebook 978-1-951375-84-3

Prices: Hardcover: $24.99, Trade Paperback: $15.99, Ebook: $8.99

Page Count: 282 pages

Advance Reviews:

“Callie J. Trautmiller paints a smart and lyrical portrait of 1920s strife and perseverance. From the Chicago streets of cons and coin-flips to the bleak, drought-ridden Kansas Dust Bowl, Under the Dirt Sky illuminates the stories of the brave young people who did whatever it took to survive. Callie Trautmiller continues to do great things for the preservation and accessibility of American history. A great read for any audience!”

—A.L. Mundt, Author of the Messengers Trilogy

“Set against a historical backdrop, Callie J. Trautmiller weaves a beautiful story still relevant today. Following people who are determined to write their own story in Under the Dirt Sky, they hope to find joy despite the challenges along the way.”

—Cassidy Mercer, Author of Mad Season

“Callie J. Trautmiller’s writing is so enthralling you don't even realize how much you are learning about history. Her characters pull you in and show you the world as it was. Callie takes on the unexplored aspects of an otherwise well-trodden tale of our ancestors in Under the Dirt Sky and shows us the whole story. She weaves together the tales of a city boy and a country girl to create a heartbreakingly beautiful tapestry of the roaring 20s through the dusty 30s and beyond.”

—Jessica Lee Peterson, Author of Thistles & Thorns

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