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Zana West's Diary: Prequel to the Tri-Angles Series by Katharine M. Nohr

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Zana West's Diary: #CalGirls, #FirstCar, and #HonoluluLaw

A Prequel to the Tri-Angles Series

By Katharine M. Nohr


When all is lost, can young Zana West find the strength to stay strong?

Before Land Sharks, Zana West struggled to survive after the death of her mom and her dad’s spiral into heroin addiction. Her childhood diary records her feelings and adventures as she navigates the California foster home system.

One night, she’s attacked in her sleep. With no safe place to stay, Zana runs away and becomes homeless. Zana West’s Diary is the story of how a courageous young girl tries to use the court system to win emancipation from her father, while venturing out into the world alone, and keep a goal of going to law school. Readers will learn about the indelible impression her early mentors and relationships left on her, how she developed her drive to succeed, and what brings her to Honolulu, Hawaii where her new life begins.


Hardcover ISBN: 978-1-951375-20-1 $23.99

Paperback ISBN: 978-1-951375-21-8 $14.99

Ebook ISBN: 978-1-951375-22-5 $8.99


“In this quick read, we meet Zana West as a young girl, through her diary discovered years later by another teen. The story is thoroughly engrossing, giving the reader a view of Zana's traumatic childhood, and insight into the events that made her who she is today. A must read for fans of the Zana West legal mysteries.”

—Laurie Hanan, Author of the Louise Golden mystery series

“Touching juxtaposition between the lives of two girls who are linked across years by a diary. Zana West’s Diary paints a stark picture of life in the foster care system, and follows you long after it’s finished.”

—Tatiana McArthur, Author of The Girl Behind the Numbers

Zana West’s Diary is a book every teen and their parents should read. Katharine Nohr has presented the lives of two teenage girls, one of privilege and one facing the despair and desperation of the foster care system. Both girls’ fears and emotions are laid raw for the reader to contemplate. Life is not always what it seems, and Ms. Nohr presents it in a way that tugs at your heartstrings. A read that is hard to put down.”

—Flo Parfitt, Author of the Daughters of Evolution series

“This is a gripping story of how one girl’s horrors can provide the strength to others to carry on and succeed, despite their own problems.”

—Scott Willems, ESL Teacher, East High School

Zana West’s Diary weaves a tapestry of privilege and suffering, resilience and hope as seen through the eyes of two teenagers who come from very different realities. It’s an intimate look into a world of abuse and neglect and a reminder that hope and gratitude can be found in even the least likely places.”

—Callie Trautmiller, Award-winning Author of Becoming American

Author Bio

Katharine M. Nohr is the author of Managing Risk in Sport and Recreation: The Essential Guide for Loss Prevention (Human Kinetics, 2009) and the Tri-Angles series. She is a frequent international speaker on Olympic Games, professional athlete and triathlon risk management. She is a principal in Nohr Sports Risk Management, LLC, which offers career longevity/reputation risk management coaching for professional athletes. A former District Court (per diem) Judge, she continues her work as an insurance defense attorney, practicing law in Hawaii. During her free time, Katharine swims, travels and writes. Contact her on social media: @KatharineNohr and @TriathlonNovels.

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