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PRE-ORDER: The Slim Chance Tours by Shawn Michael Bitz

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The Slim Chance Tours

by Shawn Michael Bitz

Musician and Ohio grape farmer, Slim Chance has agreed to sit down for a taped, all-night conversation with Denver Post columnist, Steven Michael Barber.

Slim, lead singer/songwriter for the acclaimed bands Slim Chance and the Codefendants and Slim Chance and the Codependents jumps from one uproarious, drug and alcohol infested adventure after another. Sex, drugs, rock and roll, mental illness, addiction, redemption, crime and punishment, evil possession, spirituality, and great beef jerky recipes are just a few of the topics visited by Slim as he negotiates his way from his modest small town South Dakota beginnings to musical stardom. No stones are left unturned in this heartfelt, hilarious eight-hour interview that takes place in Slim’s cabin.

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Category: Musician Fiction

Hardcover: $23.99

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Author Bio

Shawn Michael Bitz grew up in the Black Hills of South Dakota and played music professionally for twenty-two years. His band, Abby SomeOne, released five studio albums and continues to record new material. He’s also worked in the mental health field for over twenty-five years.

Shawn is the son of internationally acclaimed comedian Gary Mule Deer. He lives in Rapid City, South Dakota with his wife, Julia, and their three dogs. He is the author of Butterfly Pit Crew, and is currently working on his third novel. Find him on Facebook at @ShawnMichaelBitz.

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