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Pre-Order Thistles & Thorns by Jessica Lee Peterson

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A true crime story about one mom's hard journey after her three daughters are murdered.
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Thistles & Thorns

by Jessica Lee Peterson

UPDATE for August 2022: This book has not been published, and is still in production. It can be pre-ordered here. After it is published, pre-ordered copies will be shipped out. Thank you!

The true crime story of how three young children's lives were cut short in a charming town in Wisconsin. On July 10 th 2012, Jessica Lee Peterson woke up a single mother of three complicated girls named Amara, Sophie, and Cecilia. By the end of that bright summer day, she had empty arms and broken dreams. Her journey of survival would start from the deepest pit of despair, a world in which her children had been murdered by their father. This is her story about the people she made, how they were taken from the world, and how she had to learn how survive without them.

Jessica was not alone in her grief. The community the girls had grown up in was rocked to its core and rose up to support Jessica and her family. Friends, family, and strangers from around the world came together to help Jessica face the darkness and feed the light. The battles would take her from court rooms to playgrounds to the edges of the world. Her journey of survival led her back to a life worth living. Tragedy and suffering are endemic in this world but can be overcome by grace and love. This tale will wreak havoc on the status quo of how to survive and grieve.

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