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When Joey Gets Sad and the Magic Blanket by Tanya Miller

A children's fiction story to help kids learn about emotions.
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Product Details

When Joey Gets Sad and the Magic Blanket

by Tanya Miller

Owen Miller, Creative Author

Illustratated by Tanya Miller and Cody Andrés

Joey, a young boy, gets upset when his brother topples over his tower of blocks while playing together. Joey feels sad and angry. He runs away to his bedroom and hides. Under the safety of his magic blanket, he creates new situations where he can play in his imagination. Soon, he's no longer sad. When he joins his siblings again, will everything be okay?

A Note for Parents

Children feel different emotions as they face new challenges as they grow, and it is important to encourage healthy coping skills and behaviors just as Joey demonstrates with his magic blanket in When Joey Gets Sad and the Magic Blanket. As a parent, we can help teach our children healthy coping skills. This children's fiction story about Joey and his siblings can help open a conversation with your child and encourage them to have healthy behaviors. Joey’s story is based on real events that Owen Miller experienced through his eyes and imagination. Parents of children who have autistic behaviors, such as a lack of social skills or repetitive behaviors or have been diagnosed with autism or Asperger's Syndrome may find this book helpful.

About the Authors and Illustrators

As a six-year-old, energetic boy who loves the world of creativity, Owen Miller, has enjoyed ice skating, playing soccer with his team, and exploring. Having auditory processing, visual processing, and specific reading disorders does not stop Owen from doing anything. Telling stories is just one of his passions as he uses events that happen in his life and adds a creative flare to each one of them. He is the first to help, and goes the extra mile to put a smile on anyone’s face. A boy with endless dreams, Owen does not let his challenges get in his way. He is an inspiration to everyone he meets and is the creative author behind the story of When Joey Gets Sad and the Magic Blanket. He lives in Green Bay, Wisconsin with his family.

Tanya Miller is an award-winning salesperson, photographer, author, and illustrator. Married to the love of her life, she is a mother of three children and is very devoted to her family. In her spare time, she enjoys capturing special moments through the lens of her camera. Her son, Owen, inspires her every day to be a better person and to never give up. Being able to write Owen’s story and give him a voice to share with other families has been a dream come true. She lives in Green Bay, Wisconsin with her family.

Cody Andrés, a graphic designer based out of Buffalo, New York, gained a strong passion for illustration at a young age. Referencing from new and old drawing books, he quickly found a knack for sketching. His biggest art influences today come from the everyday things surrounding him and nature. He thrives off of the opportunity to form concepts from beginning to end, especially when the end result consists of a physical entity. Designing without borders is his motto, as he feels every artist should push themselves not just in the visceral sense but conceptually, too.

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