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Pre-Order: Ashes & Ice by A.L. Mundt

Product Details

Ashes & Ice

Book 2 of the Messengers Trilogy

by A.L. Mundt

The Skylarks' true fight against the frigid wilderness is just beginning...

Four years have passed since the disappearance of the Organization. Lulled into peace on their tucked-away island village, Messengers Majest and Aletta Skylark believe they are safe. In fact, their troubles seem confined to the domestic—starting families, tending to their homes, and deciding what comes next in the future they never thought they’d have. A simple island life…whether it’s enough or not.

But when faces, new and old, arrive from the blasted-out wilderness beyond the Hudson Bay, they bring with them evidence that danger is only resting, not defeated. There’s the flame-dancing girl who will become their fourth and final Messenger, the not-quite-daughter brewing the island’s destruction without even knowing—and the boy with the pocket watch ticking down to certain doom, who’s finally the one to say it: the Organization is back, with an even greater enemy at its helm. It’s up to the Skylarks once again to guide their land toward peace. With danger at every turn, can they be successful?

Product Details:

Hardcover $23.99 ISBN: 978-1-951375-79-9

Paperback $14.99 ISBN: 978-1-951375-80-5

Ebook $8.99 ISBN: 978-1-951375-81-2


A.L. Mundt has been putting stories to paper since she was just three years old. Admittedly, though, they weren’t any good back then. A love for the sublime in the northern wilderness fuels the Messengers trilogy, as well as her day-to-day adventures. Aside from writing, she likes painting figure skating cats, pretending to be a pirate, and eating Spaghettios like it’s 2005. She dreams of one day owning a pet squirrel named Daniel, visiting Eyjafjallajökull (and learning how to pronounce it), and recovering from a lifetime of having Chicken Run as her favorite movie. She lives with her family in Wisconsin. You can find her at @ALMundt on Facebook and @AuthorALMundt on TikTok and Twitter, or visit her website at http: //

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