Less Distractions, More Writing

E. Tip of the Day: Less distractions, more writing.

As we ease into the weekend, it’s easy to get caught in all the things that distract us from writing. Stay your course and remember your goals. Use an egg timer to keep yourself focused on writing during short productive increments of time where you can shut out the real world. Short bursts of focused energy are better than long, constantly interrupted hours of barely writing a word.

Other things to try:

1) Let your family know that from “this time to this time” you need to be left alone to write. Then, do your best to keep your promise when you are scheduled to come up for air. If you hit a place where the creative juices are really flowing, have a piece of paper you can quickly put outside your door that says “Creative Mind at Work, Please Be Patient” without interrupting your thought process, or having them storm in to interrupt you.

2) Have set hours/days when you do housework, cook, or run errands. Make a point to keeping with the same schedule. Physical chores are great times to brainstorm so have an open-mind when you’re pulled away from your story.

3) Role-playing is a fun way to involve family/friends into your story. If there’s a scene where two people are walking on a trail, and you know you need to show more sensory details in the scene to make it believable, ask a friend to tag a long on your walk. You’ll get exercise and you may be inspired, too! 🙂

If you have tips on how you stay focused on your writing, let us know. Good luck!


Inspirational Photo of the Week:

Kitty, what has your attention now?