Resurfaced by Lexi Jordan

Family fights for family. That’s what Max Ryan believed and what she stood for. So how come in this new world, it’s not the easiest thing to do? If Max Ryan doesn’t act fast, living in an unfamiliar world could kill her.

After a series of nuclear power plant explosions seventy years ago, it caused the end of all civilization. Humanity is extinguished, except for the few that manage to escape to a bunker below the surface built to survive a nuclear war.

Throughout the years, these people create a community known as the Burrow within the bunker, but lifespans are shorter than what they were on the surface. The community is dying with lessening food supplies and unreliable water sources. The governing officials of the United Assembly handpicks a select few to travel to North America to find habitable land.

Max Ryan, along with her twin brother, Jax Ryan, are selected for the team. Together, they discover a place far beyond their dreams. However, it’s soon revealed to them that not all dreams are what they expect; sometimes it can be a nightmare.