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Summer ’17 Beach Reads: ebook edition

Here in the Midwest, we spend nine months of the year dreaming about the other three months: June, July, and August. We live for the days when we can lounge by a lake with a cool glass of iced tea in one hand and a book in the other.

There’s an art to picking summer books. The key is to find something that will carry you away – either by its gripping plot or its ability to lift you up and drop you into someone else’s life. Here are five Written Dreams’ titles that are beach-approved. Each of these are available in ebook to help keep your beach bag light. Enjoy!



Land SharksLand Sharks by Katherine Nohr

Set in ever-sunny Hawaii, this legal mystery looks beyond the tourist brochures at Honolulu’s underbelly. Young attorney Zana West must represent a fellow triathlete who claims to have been paralyzed in competition. Sharks gather as Zana has to work with celebrity lawyer Jerry Hirano, who  seems to have more than justice on his mind.


Death Nosh 

In the sleepy town of Bayshore, Wisconsin, senior citizens are dying at an alarming rate. It’s up to food blogger Nell Bailey to convince the police that there’s more afoot than natural causes. In the third installment of the Noshes Up North Culinary series, heroine Nell draws on the grit of northern women as she strives to hold her own among men who think they know better.


Women of Today Anthology 

This collection of six novels by female authors follow strong female characters who face diversity and must look within to find their own strength to overcome their challenges, and possibly find romance along the way. This one ebook will keep you satisfied for hours on end.


Shaking the Family Tree Shaking the Family Tree by Dallas H

With unflinching honesty and enduring warmth, anonymous author Dallas H. traces her journey out of hell and towards recovery. After learning that alcoholism has affected her family for generations, she strives to flip the genetic script and break the cycle of addiction. This memoir is for anyone hoping that their summer can bring renewal for them or their family.

Lumberjack Jesus 

In a series of essays written in memoir form expounding from his life, Bruce Kirkpatrick shows us as he discovers a loving God who is a good conversationalist, and often looks like a lumberjack. God comes alive in these pages in everyday life—in stories about Vietnam heroes, cowboy movies, wrestling matches and chemistry sets. Whether or not you consider yourself Christian, this is a sweet and encouraging read for anyone looking for a path through life.