Edit of the Month for November and December 2012

We have Special Editorial Rates For November And December! 🙂

Do you have a completed YA novel, or an almost complete one? Our Novel Edit of the Month category for November is Young Adult. Receive a $300.00 flat rate for any YA novel 55,000 words or less. The YA novel can be any sub-genre but must be received on or before November 30th, 2012.


Happy National Novel Writing Month! 🙂 For some writers, today is the beginning of a new novel.  In honor of all the hard work authors across the globe will be putting in this month, Written Dreams will be offering a special Novel of the Month Edit rate to those participating. In December, any 65,000 word or less novel will receive a $350. editing rate. What’s the catch? Writing that novel in November 2012. We believe in you, and want to see as many writers succeed at this goal. We’re hoping our special general rate not geared toward any specific genre will inspire writers to get the job done!

We understand you’ll want to proof your novel, adding in extra details here and there once you have the bare bones down, so as long as the manuscript is received in December 2012–even Dec. 31st–we will honor the one-time flat fee rate of $350. for editing your novel. 🙂

Contact Brittiany at brittiany@writtendreams.com if you have any questions about editing rates. Or see our website for more details. Thanks!