Make Writing a Habit in Your Day

E. Tip of the Day: Today I wanted to expand more upon Laurel’s thoughts from yesterday on treating writing as a serious business. Writing a novel, or even a short story, can take many hours to complete.

There are days when I can be working on a book for 4-5 hours straight without a break. I’ll be completely engrossed in the story I’m editing, trying to help the author rework this plot point or make a better connection with that character, or whatever it is that needs strengthening. Time goes by fast when you’re having fun, and I truly do enjoy editing. 🙂

But I can’t ever forget this is my business. My livelihood. The way I support my family’s needs and put food on the table. Every day I make a point to check messages, and yes, I admit there are days even I spend a bit more time answering emails and doing what my mentor always referred to as “busy work” than I do writing/editing. But I also know there are people depending on me. The authors. My family. Me.

Who’s depending on you to finish your current story? If writing is a passion for you the way editing is an all-consuming passion for me, than YOU are depending on yourself to be disciplined and serious about your writing. Believe in yourself. Be confident. Make a point of setting time aside for you to write–like clockwork.

6 AM Write 500 words

7 AM Eat breakfast

7:30 Get dressed for the day

8 AM Go to work

Or whatever your schedule is. The important part of making a schedule is keeping it. Be consistent, and make writing a habit in your day.

YOU can do this! I believe in you.