Teleporting Characters

E. Tip of the Day: If you’re writing a science fiction novel, teleporting can be a great mode of transportation. However, if you’re writing a contemporary, historical, or any other genre and there’s not a time travel device anywhere in the story, you may want to rethink how your characters are getting from Point A to Point B. Make it clear your characters are not teleporting as a way to get around and showing up in the middle of the beach when they haven’t left home yet.

Not every action needs to be shown but when the characters seem like they “teleport” somewhere you may want to show the action how they traveled from Point A to Point B.

Inspirational Photo of the Week taken at Haigh Quarry in Illinois.






Where would this path lead your character?

2 thoughts to “Teleporting Characters”

  1. More great advice. I really enjoy your tip of the day.
    Beautiful picture. My character is a pretty mellow guy. The path would lead him simply into the water and he’d go for a swim, or he’d wade in. He’s a guy who loves the outdoors.

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