Upcoming Guestbloggers

Upcoming Guestbloggers:

Terry Odell on August 8th

Capri Smith on August 15th

Helen Osterman on August 22nd

Devon Monk on August 29th


Contact Brittiany if you’re interested in being a guest blogger. We have a few openings for winter and spring. Thanks!



4 thoughts to “Upcoming Guestbloggers”

  1. Great post. Choosing the right POV for a scene is so important. I’ve rewritten scenes from multiple POVs on occasion to see which works better. It’s amazing how much that scene can change from one character’s perspective to another.

  2. Hi, Wynter. Great to see you here. I know what you mean about changing POV to see what’s right for a scene. My first published work was a short story which was more of an exercise in POV–I could decide which to use, so I wrote both, and it was picked up by The Wild Rose Press. My first sale!

  3. Enjoyed meeting the others here and the tips and comments. I am hoping to make a date to blog soon too. Good luck and good reading, writing – and listening (Brittany has suggest I touch on audios – hope to see all of you again in cyber space soon) Jackie Griffey

  4. Enjoyed all the comments and hope to be on the blog soon, I love meeting new friends, readers and writers – and listeners, since I’ve heard from one of my readers she enjoys listening to audios as she folds clothes and does her housework 😎
    Jackie Griffey

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