Confidence of a Writer

E. Tip of the Day: Think of yourself as a public speaker in front of a large seated audience in a convention center. For a visualization, let’s say there’s 1000 people seated in front of you, and you’re standing at the podium ready to give a speech. You’ll need to be poised, in control of your words and actions, you’ll need to smile, laugh at yourself for your mistakes, and keep eye contact. Occasionally you may get frustrated when a person leaves the room, or you hear a cell phone ring. But you’ll keep smiling, and soon you’ll be finished with that speech. When you’re through speaking, you’ll thank everyone for being a good audience. Then, you’ll exit the stage, take a slug of water, and exhale. You did it!

Writing is not so different from that. Every day when you sit down to write, you know there’s a reason you’re here writing this story. There’s a reason this story needs to be told to an audience. Believe in that reason. And believe in yourself!

When you feel more confident of being who you are, a writer, it will translate through to the page.