Great Inspiration!

E. Tip of the Day: Great inspiration can come from anywhere. Family members, a piece of furniture, or even an aquarium. Some of the things that have inspired me are: marine life, pets, trees, items at museums, and family members. Keep your eyes open. You never know when or where inspiration will hit!

I couldn’t help but share a photo that seems to have a story behind it. Doesn’t the  sturgeon seem like he’s up to something. What has inspired you to write a story?

Mr. James Sturgeon

2 thoughts to “Great Inspiration!”

  1. Not a book, but extra depth in a character.
    I recently attended a Catholic funeral. The detail of ritual and observing those who belonged to the church, made me question my heroines depths, ask her how she felt about religion and it played any role in her decisions…. A whole other direction for me!

  2. Thanks for your great comment, Kathryn! This is a very good example of how a situation can help add depth to your character. By adding in details about a church service, it shows how that particular character would react to certain situations, and ultimately help them live and breathe in the reader’s eyes. Thanks for sharing!

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