News from Lake Boobbegone: A Breast Cancer Memoir from the Heart by Carolyn Redman

Self-Help/Women’s Memoir



Question: Does the world really need another breast cancer memoir?

Answer: Probably not.

But writing is the only way Carolyn Redman knew how to process a heartbreaking breast cancer diagnosis and the year-long treatments that ensued.  These honest, heartfelt, and sometimes humorous e-mails and essays, written solely to keep family and friends informed of her medical condition morphed into the definitive exercise in self-compassion and healing. In the end, no one was more surprised or more grateful than she was to find purpose and meaning masquerading as cancer.





About the Author:  

Carolyn Redman has been writing poetry and short stories since junior high school, where she was erroneously labeled by her guidance counselor as having the wrong kind of imagination. She persevered, earning a BA (cum laude) from Mount Mary University in English / Professional Writing, while working full time as an editorial assistant at an academic medical institution. She is a Wisconsin state licensed massage therapist who believes strongly in integrative medicine and the mind body connection. She was born and raised in Milwaukee, Wisconsin where she lives with her artist husband Tom and their cat, Sophie. This is her first published work.

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  1. I am looking forward to reading the full account. I have heard many humorous tidbits about your writing throughout the years from your sister.

  2. I’m looking forward to the compilation of your writing. The portions I was privileged to read were incredibly moving, strong spirited, and demonstrated a powerful levity under duress. I always said to our friend, Nancy Denemark, that you needed to publish the collection of writings from your personal journey. I believed they would be of help and consolation to others. Now, I have a cousin – my favorite – who is going through a similar experience. Shelly and I are looking forward to publication of the book in order for us to provide Sara with a copy.

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